Genius Loci Drawers

All the beauty and prestige of ancient crafts are preserved and enhanced in the customised embellishments of Genius Loci drawers. They bring the ancestral bond we all have with our roots to life, so that we can perceive the whole picture from a fragment, man and nature from matter, just like an archaeologist would do.
Tradition, innovation, passion for beauty and the sensorial qualities of materials create a special alliance making excellence the distinctive feature of this collection.


Legend has it that Venus was born from the waters of the Island of Cyprus, formerly called Cuprum, where large quantities of copper were extracted in Greek and Roman times. Copper is one of the most fascinating elements. It exists in nature and in our body, is very strong, anti-bacterial and fully recyclable and has always inspired artisans and artists because of its multicoloured surface. We have a deep knowledge of the versatility of copper and use it to make unique embellishments.


In Greek, marmaros means ‘resplendent stone’. In fact, light penetrates its surface before being reflected giving marble its special glow. This is particularly true of white marble. Due to its amazing array of shades, patterns and veins it is the most sought-after material in architecture and for sculpting. We at Valcucine use contrasting stones, resulting from a combination of art, handcraft excellence and know-how, to create 3D patterns that give each kitchen a unique personality.

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Valcucine Genius Loci cut glass

Cut Glass

One of the purest and most ecological materials ever created by man results from the fusion of mineral substances. For three-thousand years the art of making glass has been tinged with mystery: ancient glaziers imagined the fluid, flawless mass to have metaphysical properties. While respecting ancient traditions, Valcucine avail themselves of cutting-edge technical innovation, making sure that the glass is ground and cut to perfection using glazier’s diamonds cooled in water. This delicate, precious blend of strength and seemingly frail transparencies give birth to very accurate embellishments that stand out for their perfectly sculptured, authentic and intriguing personality.

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