Genius Loci

Just like old desks Genius Loci conceals a secret, intimate, space in a drawer that goes beyond the functional. Genius Loci is the heart of customisation and available in various finishes. It offers a timeless aesthetic and hand-crafted workmanship that reflects the taste of those who purchase it. The result is sophisticated and refined.

DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo


  • the drawer is inspired by antique desks: it is a secret, intimate space, designed to conceal personal objects and memories
  • textured surfaces enhance tactile experiences
  • rounded door and worktop edges for more safety and cleaning ease


  • the drawer can be customized with precious handicraft embellishments
  • all the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved


  • the top is even more dematerialised
  • the top is slimmer, leaving more space for the accessorised drawer
  • the capacity of base units is increased
  • tradition becomes industrialised: Italian handicraft excellence is promoted through partnerships

Genius Loci Gallery

Copper Drawer

Legend has it that Venus was born from the waters of the Island of Cyprus, formerly called Cuprum, where large quantities of copper were extracted in Greek and Roman times. Copper is one of nature’s most fascinating elements. We have a deep knowledge of the versatility of copper and use it to make unique embellishments.

Brushed Zinc

Using metals in your kitchen give the kitchen layout a unique appearance. The use of metals is inspired by professional kitchens and conveying their appeal, is growing increasingly in homes thanks to its technical qualities such as resistance and hygiene.

Matt Glass Slate

With the refined qualities of glass, one of the most fascinating, pure and least toxic materials available, is a continuous source of inspiration for us. Just like master glass workers look for shapes and colour in molten glass, likewise we have devised different creations for our kitchens.

Matt Glass, Cardoso Stone and Structured Lacquer

Lacquers are based on a special varnish that ensures excellent impact resistance and an unalterable, durable finish. Matt lacquer is obtained by adding some microspheres to varnish that give the product a slight orange-peel effect, making it more resistant to scratches and abrasions.

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