From sunrise to sunset, the kitchen comes to life. For an even more extraordinary daily experience, our smart and patented V-Motion system now offers a new innovative feature. The kitchen comes to life thanks to the simple gesture of a hand that opens the door, turns the tap around and the lights of the back panel on, creating ever-changing scenarios: ranging from the splendours of nature expressed through red-fire, yellow-earth, green-water and blue-air hues, various degrees of white light that can change from warm to cold, right down to the circadian cycle that automatically recreates the changes that naturally occur in sunlight throughout the day

Bring Your Kitchen To Life

Design: Gabriele Centazzo

Evolve with the day

In the morning the light sports sky-blue hues to help you wake up. At lunchtime it becomes white but then changes to warmer tones to the extent of simulating the x of the sunset to prepare the body for sleep in the evening. In a surprisingly realistic way the background light tunes into and simulates natural light, well aware of how it influences the metabolism and the psychological and physical wellbeing of those who benefit from it. A real blessing for the body.

Aerius Wall Unit

A wall unit that is as light as air

Wellness is based essentially on freedom: this wall unit has a light and noiseless, ultra-slim, lift-up door. The opening and closing principle exploits the force of gravity by means of a balancing structure. This makes the unit remarkably hard-wearing and durable because it has no hinges, pistons or other elements that may wear out. A touch of the hand and the door opens upwards, like a wing in flight, and remains in place for all the time necessary. On the inside, a single side panel leaves more space for storage as well as affording visual harmony. On the outside, an LED lighting system and an accessory hanging bar, perfectly integrated in the carcass, increase the unit’s functionality

New Logica System

This is a special element that offers a number of possible systems. More silent than a floating feather: the upper lift-up doors and the lower sliding doors open and shut gently to reveal all the accessories of the back panel, a patented element that can be equipped to meet the user’s requirements and can even house a cooker hood. The space and the light from the light panel allow for a feeling of lightness, order and formal cleanliness of the carcass. 

Back panel with magical doors
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