Vitrum Arte

Skilful hand work is one of the main features that makes our products unique. Valcucine salvage the authentic and priceless tradition of manual skill and craftmanship and reinterpret the essence of ‘Made in Italy’ in a modern way. Exclusive projects perfectly poised between art and design come to life. This is precisely why our kitchens are unique.

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Inlay Method

For Vitrum Arte we have developed an extraordinary decorative technique that consists of applying designs on glass by hand. This inlay method is an extremely innovative process that can only be performed by hand.

Vitrum Arte Designs

As well as embellishing cabinets, Vitrum Arte loves to amaze by allowing both imagination and creativity into the kitchen. There are lots of designs to choose from; ranging from our standard drawings, your personal design, and even the work of true artists.


Custom Design

Choosing a hand drawn technique such as inlay on glass contributes to creating a greater bond of affection with the kitchen, thus prolonging its life-cycle and its durability.

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